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Do you sell something in relation to the fabric industry? Patterns? Notions? A Blog? Got an Etsy Store you want exposure for? Try advertising on our page!!!!

We offer the following options for your advertising needs:


-One large photo and link in our homepage slideshow (homepage only) -

 First Position - $15/month (almost every person who comes to the site will see this ad)

Second Position- $10/month (almost every person who comes to the site will see this ad)

Third Position- $5/month

Fourth Position- $5/month

Fifth Position- $5/month


One large stand alone photo and link ad, mid page. (not currently filled so not currently visible) Ad would show after the homepage messages/twitter feed, and before the collections links. - $10/month


-One small footer ad that runs on every page of our website- $5/month (Three currently available)


Ad swaps and collaborations are also available as well.


All ads come with special mentions on our facebook page, and/or newsletter!!!!


Please contact me at for information on page statistics.


All ad purchases will be subject to approval as they must be complimentary to Stay Home Fabrics.